martes, 16 de julio de 2013

Amo sher mishionera

I love to be a missionary and share the gospel!
This last week we had many visitors at the Mesa Arizona Temple Visitors' Center and we were having fun while teaching everyone here. It's amazing to see how many people come here because they want to feel the Spirit. I love the Spirit that's here. This week we had a goal with my companion to teach as companions the whole time and have unity while teaching. We met this lovely family in the back greet of the VC, in the south area facing the temple. First we met the two girls, they were sisters and were waiting for their parents that were in the temple. After conversing with them about their friends and what they're doing to help their friends to know about the gospel, they both said they would share with their friends about! It was so great to see them have this great desire to share this with the people they loved.
A few minutes later we met their whole family and we had an amazing time sharing the gospel with them at the new humanitarian exhibit that we have at the VC. They told us they felt so inspired and loved it. I love this exhibit too, you should come see it :)

Also this week was a little bit crazy with many things going on. I loved it! I've been working together with Elder and Sister Beckstrand and also Sister Miller, with my new assignment at the Visitors' Center as a trainer. We help the sisters fulfill their purpose proselyting at the Center. We help plan weekly training meetings and train every week. I love working with the great people over here in the mission. They are amazing examples. Two weeks ago I started working with this new assignment, we worked on the schedule for the new transfer and we had a farewell meeting. It's been a learning experience and I love it. While we were working on the schedule for the whole transfer we saw from the window we were having a huge dust storm outside so we decided to just jump out there for a second. It was fun!

Also it has been amazing learn about how the Spirit works. I can really say that's the thing I've learned the most during my mission, to recognize an listen to the Spirit...also to act towards the impressions I get. One day I was talking with this couple that were sitting in a couch, they're from Mexico and super sweet. I felt prompted to take the sister to the Christus area, and I was grateful to be obedient at that prompting. She told us how she needed Jesus Christ and just by listening her, she felt more loved and she felt comfort. I love to know that we are not alone. We are here on the earth, we walk by faith, but we have guidance. The Lord has promised us that if we are worthy we can have the Holy Ghost with us every day.

con mucho amor,
su catracha..


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