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MTC experience...back in Sept 2012

Im so happy to be a missionary. It's a blessing! I was iust thinking lately that i have so many things to share with you, that i don't know where to start.
First, i've been out (i've been a missionary) for 10 months now, so many things had happened during this 10 months: miracles, experiences, trials, great moments, funny stories...and more miracles! It's been a blessing to serve a mission here in the arizona mesa temple visitors' center.
I think i want to share a glimpse of what has happened during this time as a servant of the Lord.
I said bye to my linda familia in the beautiful small country of Honduras. My family really helped me to prepare to serve a mission. I can really say i come from goodly parents. After saying bye and traveling far away from casa, I said hi to a new country and new people. The first thing we do as missionaries is receive a brief training on how to be a better missionary. Some missionaries even learn a new language in a few weeks!

I landed in Salt Lake City and then entered the Missionary Training Center(MTC) in Provo, Utah. There i learned with millions of missionaries from all over the world, how we were going to share with others the gospel of Jesus Christ.
It was an amazing experience i will never forget. I was there for 4 lovely weeks, 3 for normal training and an extra week for Visitors' Center training. I received great classes and workshops from amazing teachers, returned missionaries. I met many people that came from other parts of the world, because all the international missionaries are put together, we learned so much from each other and we had fun!

For those 4 amazing weeks I learned how to love different cultures and people. I know that we are all brothers and sisters, i know that we are all children of God, our Heavenly Father, He created us in His own image and loves us all equally.
My companion for the first 3 weeks was Sister Kim from Korea, she was an amazing companion! She was a great example for me and i learned from her exact obedience and diligence. I also learned to love asian food :)
After 3 weeks with her and other missionaries from all over the world, i started my Visitors' Center training with the amazing experience of training with other sisters that were serving at Visitors' Centers around the world. i also had to chance to go on exchanges with sisters at the visitors' center in Temple Square at SLC.

I got trained on how to discern people's needs and help them feel of Jesus Christ love. I also learned how to direct tours and teach people around the world through technology like phone, chat and many other things.
One experience i will never forget: we were on chat in with my companion. When people go to they can learn more about the church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints chatting with us, the missionaries at the visitors' centers around the world. We were talking with this man from Peru (name not mentioned). I shared with him why i was serving a mission and i testified about Jesus Christ. He told us he wanted to learn more. He became my first investigator through online proselyting. He said that what helped him to make the decision to learn more from us was reading about our great testimony that we have of Jesus Christ.
In the Visitors' Center training they tell us how they choose sisters that serve at Visitors' Centers. They can see the deep testimony that we have about the atonement of Jesus Christ through our pictures, and assign us to serve at a vc. I know that i'm called by a prophet of God to declare the gospel.
A really cool experience i had at this time in my mission was being together with one of my best friends, Sister Katherine Flores from my beautiful country, Honduras. We met each other a couple of years before deciding to serve a mission. We started together and we are both serving in amazing missions. It was amazing to be with her and learn from her great example. She's serving a mission in the utah slc temple square mission.

With love,
Sister Valladares

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